Archaeologists found ruins of an historic temple on the backside of the ocean

Archaeologists have dug up the stays of two altars from a Nabatean temple, which had been found underwater on the seabed of Pozzuoli. This area is discovered inside southern Italy, and the now-submerged temple is believed to have as soon as been the guts of Puteoli, a industrial port within the space.

The researchers declare that the stays of the underwater temple are most probably from the primary half of the first century A.D. The altars are just like bigger nice altar present in the identical space in 1965. The bottom of the altar is reported to have DVSARI SACRVM, or “sacred to Dusares,” inscribed on it.

This inscription is said to Dushara, the pinnacle deity of the Nabatean pantheon and a god that was distinctive to this faith. The researchers say that the highest of the altars discovered within the underwater temple comprise votive niches, which initially held betyls, small sacred stones used as effigies of the gods.

The Nabatean pantheon was an aniconic faith, which implies it didn’t embrace any figural representations.

Petra, a metropolis product of stone, was additionally constructed by the Nabatean individuals. Picture supply: dzain / Adobe

As a substitute, the underwater temple helps showcase how the pantheon relied on standing stones and different cultic stelae to signify the worshipped gods inside it. This set of altars brings the overall variety of Nabatean-based discoveries to a complete of 5 on this space of the sunken metropolis. It’s additionally doubtless there are different stays situated alongside the seabed.

The presence of this Nabatean temple has been identified for some time. Nonetheless, archaeologists had but to outline precisely the place it was. With this latest discovery, researchers can lastly say precisely the place the temple was situated and maybe perceive extra about how the Nabatean individuals interacted with the retailers and locals within the space.

These sorts of discoveries are all the time thrilling, particularly as researchers proceed to seek for the street to Atlantis, which continues to be believed to exist someplace on the market. This underwater temple is solely one other reminder of the traditional world that humanity as soon as roamed.