Scientists filmed a never-before-seen species of jellyfish that hunts and eats different jellyfish

Scientists have captured video of a terrifying species of cannibal jellyfish that they name a “gelatinous predator.”  The intriguing creature has by no means been seen earlier than, however researchers discovered it swimming round at a depth of over 1,400 meters beneath the Pacific Distant Islands Marine Nationwide Monument.

The researchers say the cannibal jellyfish is probably going an undescribed species throughout the Bathykorus genus, which is but to be revealed. Due to the spread-out tentacles on high of its bell, the researchers consider that this jellyfish eats different gelatinous animals like swimming cucumbers, different jellyfish, and bioluminescent prey, because the depths they’re discovered at are very darkish.

Researchers declare that the jellyfish with its three tentacles is kind of uncommon, and that it is usually characterised by the three abdomen pouches. In actual fact, this jellyfish is so uncommon, researchers say that its closest relative was noticed for the primary and solely time practically a decade in the past by one of many NOAA’s Ocean Exploration ships throughout the identical area.

The researchers say that this discovery may change what we learn about jellyfish utterly as a result of, up till now, they’ve been thought-about a “trophic useless finish.” Nothing ever actually eats jellyfish as a result of they’re largely manufactured from water and sting an animal’s lips at any time when they’re eaten. Nevertheless, this cannibal jellyfish reveals that one thing is attempting to eat them, as their abdomen hides the bioluminescence from the prey it eats.

It’s additionally attainable that this newly found jellyfish additionally has bioluminescence, although it might be a special wavelength to the present jellyfish now we have found. Both approach, the invention is thrilling and brings some new knowledge to what has appeared like a long-dead line of creatures.

Contemplating how deep the oceans are and the way little we learn about them, extra research of those uncommon creatures can present much more info for researchers and scientists to work with.