Secret Invasion can simply deliver again Tony Stark, however followers would hate it

I’ve been pondering quite a bit about Secret Invasion and the way vital the occasions in Marvel’s latest Disney Plus TV present may change into. Just one episode from the present is streaming proper now, nevertheless it already delivers a mind-blowing reveal, one which we’re not speaking about sufficient. That made me notice that Secret Invasion provides Marvel a straightforward option to deliver Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr.) again to the MCU with out ruining Avengers: Endgame.

However followers would hate this twist, regardless of how Marvel executed it. Earlier than I can clarify, I’ll level out the apparent — massive Secret Invasion spoilers will comply with.

Agent Ross’s demise in Secret Invasion

What if Tony Stark was a Skrull for the complete time he saved the world with the Avengers in Endgame? I began that concept as a joke in Slack earlier than realizing there’s a believable approach for Marvel to perform it. And it’s all because of Agent Everett Ross (Martin Freeman), whom we realized was a Skrull early in Secret Invasion episode 1.

As I lately instructed you, we’re not focusing sufficient on this plot element. As a result of it’s extremely vital for the complete MCU. It exhibits that any character could be a Skrull so long as these characters do not need actual superpowers. And Tony Stark, by the best way, doesn’t have any of these.

Everett Ross (Martin Freeman) listening to the Skrull conspiracy concept in Secret Invasion. Picture supply: Marvel Inc.

I then defined that comics inform us the Skrulls replicate people right down to DNA ranges once they shape-shift. Ross might have been a Skrull in Black Panther, and Shuri (Letitia Wright) wouldn’t have detected it with all her superior tech.

Additionally, Secret Invasion episode 1 teaches us there are two methods to steal the looks of a human. The only one entails shape-shifting right into a “shell.” And the extra you keep in that shell, the tougher it’s to detect a Skrull.

Secondly, you may go for deep cowl by additionally stealing the thoughts of a number. You primarily replicate the human however with out getting their superhero powers.

But when a Skrull dies, then they revert to their pure look. Which means dropping the disguise.

Might Iron Man be a Skrull?

With that in thoughts, Secret Invasion has options to Marvel’s Iron Man downside. That’s, Marvel has to deliver again Iron Man with out ruining his heroic demise in Endgame. I’ve defined a number of occasions how that’s attainable, because of the multiverse. However the multiverse would solely give Marvel non permanent use of Iron Man. Whether or not that Tony is from the previous or a unique actuality, the Avengers must put him again.

If the Tony that died in Endgame had been a Skrull, it means the actual Tony is someplace in a Skrull jail. Perhaps he’s not even on Earth. However he’s nonetheless alive.

The Skrulls focusing on Iron Man makes whole sense. He’s one of many first superhero people to make themselves recognized to the world. The Skrulls may need entry to that.

Kingsley Ben-Adir as Rebel Skrull leader Gravik in Marvel Studios' Secret Invasion.
Kingsley Ben-Adir as Insurgent Skrull chief Gravik in Marvel Studios’ Secret Invasion. Picture supply: Marvel Studios

I mentioned earlier than that Stark isn’t a superhero like different Avengers, which suggests the Skrulls might attempt to change him. Stark’s powers are his good thoughts and his cash. Like Batman.

That’s what made Iron Man attainable. Any Skrull taking on wouldn’t have a tough time masquerading as Tony. They’d have sufficient AI round to take over Tony’s initiatives. And in Endgame, it’s AI that solves Stark’s massive time journey situation.

The issue is Iron Man’s demise in Endgame. He by no means turns right into a Skrull. However my Slack joke additionally supplied a repair. Perhaps the gamma radiation ensuing from Skrull-Iron-Man utilizing the Infinity Stones can be so extremely highly effective it’d alter the Skrull’s capacity to shift again to his pure type after demise.

Why we’ll hate such a state of affairs

Why would a Skrull who needs to take over assist the Avengers of their struggle towards Thanos (Josh Brolin)? Why would they be prepared to sacrifice themselves? Effectively, Thanos killed half of all residing beings. That features half of the Skrulls rebels who wish to invade Earth. You may hate people, however you must hate Thanos much more.

However ought to Marve use Secret Invasion to deliver again Tony Stark, we’ll all hate it. Sure, the heroic demise in Endgame will keep. However that might have been a Skrull dying all alongside.

Additionally, relying on how way back the Skruls would have changed Stark, we’d need to ignore the character’s arc in the course of the Infinity Saga.

Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr.) and Rescue (Gwyneth Paltrow) at the end of Endgame.
Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr.) and Rescue (Gwyneth Paltrow) on the finish of Endgame. Picture supply: Marvel Studios

The Skrulls might have taken Iron Man between Infinity Battle and Endgame. That will make sense, given all of the chaos on this world. However they might have additionally achieved it earlier than or after Captain America: Civil Battle, for instance. Contemplating what Secret Invasion teaches us about Skrulls, these situations wouldn’t be plot holes.

Skrull-Iron-Man would have the identical data as the actual one. He’d have his DNA. And he might father youngsters.

Additionally, if Skrulls changed Stark earlier than Age of Ultron, Wanda (Elizabeth Olsen) would nonetheless see Tony’s thoughts, not the Skrull’s.

As for Iron Man’s affection for Peter Parker (Tom Holland), that’s comprehensible too. The Skrull is on a mission, and he wants allies. And even undercover Skrulls may develop real emotions for some people.

With that in thoughts, I don’t suppose Marvel needs or can afford such a state of affairs. Bringing Iron Man again by way of Secret Invasion would imply Marvel must finish the Iron Man arc once more. Through different tales. And people tales would want loads of Iron Man and one other enormous examine for RDJ.